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In 2011, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) engaged in an extensive consultation and planning programme with CTM in preparation for the 2012 Games, including a number of test events.   Following on from that, as part of a competitive tendering process, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) awarded CTM the traffic management and parking contracts for most of the outer London 2012 Games venues, including Eton Dorney, Lee Valley, Hadleigh Farm, Weymouth & Portland and the Olympic Rowing Village at Royal Holloway.  We also provided the traffic management for sections of the Olympic Torch Relay and secured the contracts for the traffic management at the Olympic Family Hotels, the Olympic Park VIP & Hospitality Parking and security for the Excel Centre.

Our remit involved the design of transport hubs, consultancy for the Local Area Traffic Management & Parking (LATM&P), consultancy to the companies contracted to install the temporary infrastructure to create all the transport hubs and the management and operation of all the above sites.

CTM deployed over 1100 personnel throughout the Olympics and Paralympic Games – all services delivered on time (to a standard that drew recognition from LOCOG) and within budget, without any adverse impact on our normal portfolio of over 180 annual events.  An achievement we’re proud of.


CTM was identified as the contractor with the skills and resources to design and operate the transport management for Eton Dorney as part of our Olympic and Paralympic contract.

The design scope was for two separate transport hubs for use during the Olympic Games and a further enhancement to one of the hubs for the Paralympic Games. Each had to function within pre-determined criteria based on the constraints imposed  by the venue owner, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and other stakeholders, whilst ensuring all user groups experienced no delays in arriving at and departing from each hub.

Key to delivery was integrating the design and operation of the hub with the LATM&P (Local Area Traffic Management & Parking) operation to ensure a seamless transition for all groups between the highway, hub and venue.

CTM instructed WRG, who were contracted by LOCOG to build each transport hub, to ensure all temporary infrastructure and civil works would meet the technical specifications of all modes of transport using the hubs.

The hub designs had to be capable of catering for 150 buses delivering 25,000 ticket holders each day for a period of 2 weeks from the 8 satellite P&R (Park & Ride) and R&R (Rail & Ride) sites established for this venue. Other users included, Dignitaries, Marketing Partners, Direct Coaches, Blue Badge holders, Games Makers & Cyclists.

This involved the creation & improvement of temporary access points of the highway, installation of various temporary surfaces including a 6,000 square meter pad for the bus terminal and a 1,000 metre pedestrian walkway between the hub and venue. Large format signage was also installed to clearly identify all load points and queuing lanes installed for each P&R and R&R load point, secure cycle parks, welfare facilities and contractor and personnel compounds.

A team were on site for 10 weeks and responsible for managing venue traffic movements during the build, Games time and the transition period between the Olympic & Paralympic Games to both validate and control vehicles accessing & moving around the venue and each transport hub.

During the event CTM had over 300 personnel working on site, including CSAS/PATO who provided a far more flexible & efficient alternative to temporary traffic signals at all access points. Our team also included road closure stewards, Chapter 8 trained personnel, traffic marshals, pedestrian stewards, banksman, & control room personnel.

As with all out events, CTM allocated a robust and experienced management team to Eton Dorney to liaise with all stakeholders involved in the delivery of the Games operations and oversee all aspects of the transport operation. Any incidents or additional requirements were instantly actioned and new instructions relayed across CTM’s teams.  Where “off plan” amendments were required our clients could count on expert advice.

The whole transport operation was a great success and received extremely positive feedback from visitors, FISA (International Rowing Federation) & LOCOG.


CTM was contracted by London 2012 to provide the Traffic Management and Parking Services at Weymouth & Portland for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

CTM was involved in the early stages of planning and assisting in the design of the vehicle permit check points, the competitors/officials parking arrangements and operation of the transport hub.

Our personnel managed and operated:

  • Competitors, Officials and VIP parking areas
  • Shuttle bus and pedestrians movements in the main transport hub
  • Vehicle check points on the outer perimeter and restriction of vehicle movements across the site.

Our onsite management worked hand in hand with the LOCOG’s venue management team to ensure that all the internal systems were functioning efficiently and to make onsite improvements/adjustments to the internal traffic and transport systems as necessary.

CTM ensured that there were no delays for athletes, officials and other accredited vehicles accessing the site.


Hadleigh Farm in Essex was the location for the Mountain Biking competition for London 2012 attracting 20,000 visitors per day.

CTM’s remit at Hadleigh Farm was broken down into 3 distinct areas:

  • LATM&P (Local Area Traffic Management & Parking)
  • operation of the transport hub
  • maintaining the integrity of the ORN (Olympic Route Network) within the immediate vicinity of the site.

The LATM&P dealt with the offsite traffic, including temporary signage, VMS signs, Controlled and Restricted Parking Zones, Traffic Light Operations, Road Closures, TTROs (Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders), and CSAS/PATO operations.

The Transport Hub CTM operated was the arrival point for anyone attending the event. Our operation included management of the Cycle Parking, Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles, Public Coaches, Marketing partners, Pedestrian crossing points and direction (in conjunction with the Last Mile team) and management of all shuttle bus arrivals from the two Park & Ride facilities and the Rail & Ride service.

CTM further provided personnel to manage all Games Family and production traffic during both the training and event days.

Hadleigh Farm benefited from a test event one year before the Games for which CTM undertook the Design, Build, Operation and Decommission for the entire event outside the perimeter.

The requirements included installation of a bus station in a field, cycle parking areas on tarmac and grass, establishing a transport control centre, installation of directional signage, queuing areas at the train station, temporary traffic signals and the implementation of pedestrian control measures on approach to the event. In addition we manned and operated all of the operations from Road Closures, Traffic Lights, CSAS/PATO points, Pedestrian Marshals, Cycle Parking Marshals, Security, and Athlete Parking.

The success of the test event and the experience gained gave LOCOG the confidence to proceed with our plans for the actual Games.  CTM delivered a 100% successful operation for the Games with no queues or missed trains.


Lee Valley Centre was the location for the Olympic Canoe and Kayak Slalom events. CTM was contracted by London 2012 to design, implement and operate the transport hub and on site parking facilities for this event.

We were involved from the outset, working closely with WRG (contracted to build the hub), LOCOG, Herts and Essex councils, the police, bus providers and all other interested parties – with a skeleton team on site throughout the build phase to ensure the hub would be fit for purpose.

During the event, over 100 CTM staff were detailed to manage the access and egress of 70 buses per day at the hub, as well as parking facilities for dignitaries, blue badge holders, Olympic Family members, teams, and all other service users.   CSAS/PATO operatives were used at both the entrance to the venue and the transport hub as an alternative to fixed traffic measures, delivering a dynamic, hands on approach to managing the flow of traffic to and from the site.  We ensured that we had a manager permanently stationed in the Event Control Room to maintain a line of communication with all relevant parties at all times. The manager was in constant contact with the Operations Manager based in the transport hub so that messages and information were relayed seamlessly between the parties involved.

The whole operation was a great success and won CTM “contractor of the week” award for two weeks in a row.


Royal Holloway served as the athlete’s village for Eton Dorney.  CTM consulted on the planning of both the internal and external Traffic Management measures required to ensure a smooth flow of athletes on and off the site.

The system we installed allowed for all vehicle passes to be quickly validated and vehicles directed to the relevant areas of the site, whilst ensuring they would not access areas where they would obstruct vehicles departing the site.

Due to the number of athlete bus movements and physical constraints of the site, it was essential that CTM’s traffic team had a robust and efficient communication system between all positions to ensure that there were no undue delays in vehicle movements between points.

The success of this operation meant that there were no delays for athletes departing or arriving at the village over the 12 week operational period.

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    Contracting CTM to provide traffic management and stewarding services for the Lady Godiva Half Marathon has improved the event enormously, enhancing its safety, reputation and the slickness of the operation.

    Race Director, Coventry City Council
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    On behalf of everyone, including all our visitors, a huge thank you to you and everyone from CTM who all played their part in enabling us to run this year's event.

    Director, Burghley Horse Trials