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Boomtown Deposit Information

CTM require a deposit for Boomtown of £275.

How to pay and when:

Once you have booked in, we will send you a confirmation email detailing the shifts that you are booked into. This email will contain the bank details for the company, so that you can send the deposit to our holding account. For any bookings made this week, the deposit is due by midday Friday 22nd July. If you are booking on after that, the team will notify you of the payment date when you book in.

We will send a reminder text on the morning the deposit is due, but if we have not had the deposit by midday, we will unfortunately have to reallocate your shifts.

Staff on the Priority Scheme will not have to pay the deposit.

If you need to pull out of the event before it starts:

If you have paid the deposit and are no longer able to work the event, get in touch with the office team and we will reallocate your shifts and start processing your deposit refund immediately. Please do not wait until the last minute to notify us, as this will delay the refund, potentially until after the event has finished.

Refunding your deposit:

Once the event is over and you have completed your shifts, the deposit will be returned to the account that it was paid from originally, within 2 weeks. It will be a separate payment to your wages from the event.

If you turn up to all your shifts and are in a fit state to work, you will receive your deposit back post-event provided that you do not breach our code of conduct on site and are not asked to leave for any reason. If you do not turn up to your shifts and do not have a valid reason for not attending, you will not receive your deposit back after the event.

If you need to leave the event once it’s started:

If you need to leave the event mid-way through due to illness, family emergency or any other reason, you must see the CTM admin team (located in the campsite) to have your wristband removed before you leave. If you do not have your wristband removed, there is no way for the team to be certain that you have left the event and therefore we cannot guarantee the return of your deposit.

Forfeiting your deposit:

Any breach of CTM’s code of conduct whilst at the event, whether on shift or not, is grounds for the forfeit of your deposit as well as the removal of your event wristband and ejection from site (including the campsite). An example of a breach of code of conduct would be any behaviour that would be deemed unacceptable in a workplace, for example: being intoxicated whilst on shift, abusive behaviour, illegal activity and so on.

When creating a profile with CTM, all staff agree to the Casual Worker Agreement which specifies the code of conduct that the company expects on all work sites. A full copy can be found on your profile at any time at the bottom of the ‘My Details’ tab. For more information on conduct, please refer to the Casual Worker Agreement by logging into your staff profile, clicking the link to the agreement and reading the section labelled ‘Conduct’.