Our statement regarding furloughing workers, please read.

We are urgently looking into the Government scheme on Furloughing workers that was announced on the Friday 20th March. Our Finance Director is trying every avenue that they can to ascertain details of eligibility from HMRC and any other contacts including our accountants, and businesses we have relationships with.
This is currently proving to be very difficult with no definitive answers. While we appreciate this doesn’t help you we cannot and do not want to provide details of what we will be doing until we know the criteria so as not to provide incorrect/misleading information to anyone.
Please rest assured that as soon as we find out any information we will be in contact with anyone eligible for the scheme and whom we are deciding can be furloughed, following guidance from HR, in line with the criteria set out and applicable in employment law.
We remain committed to all our staff through these difficult times and sensible decisions will need to be made to preserve the integrity of the company.
We thank you for your patience and look forward to getting back on track.
Thank you, CTM Team.