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Cornbury Festival

A Boutique camping and day visitor event in the middle of Oxfordshire, Cornbury Festival is a success with the local audience it tempts to its new home at the Great Tew Estate.

Having been involved with Cornbury since 2006, CTM has seen the festival grow and develop and has developed the Traffic Management measures in line with the changes at the festival.

CTM designed and implemented the traffic plan when the festival moved from Cornbury Estate to the Great Tew Estate with great success. To ensure a smooth transition, the Council, signage contractors, shuttle bus provider, local residents, festival organisers and estate owners were all consulted in the planning process.

We provide extensive planning, consultation and onsite provision to the production team and have developed an excellent working relationship with them which allows us to incorporate their ideas for the site into the Traffic Management arrangements overcoming any issues in relation to arrivals and departures from the event site.

Our service also includes the provision of car park marshals, production traffic marshals and artist accreditation for the duration of the festival.