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Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival is the largest Greenfield, music and performing arts festival in the world with an attendance of 177,500. CTM have worked with the festival since the company’s inception in 1998.

CTM’s MD, Steve Russell-Yarde is responsible for the entire transport and traffic management arrangements. His responsibility includes:

Offsite Management Structure – including:

  • Coach Park Manager
  • Bath & West Showground Operation (Drop and Collect)
  • Rail Services
  • Offsite Motorcycle Monitors
  • Village Liaison Officer – for Pilton and surrounding villages
  • Security Control – Offsite and Onsite
  • Emergency Services – Local and Onsite
  • Council and Highways representatives

Below this structure, Steve is also responsible for all other sub-contractors working outside the fence line i.e.:

  • Temporary Traffic Lights
  • Temporary Road Signage
  • Heavy Vehicle Recovery
  • Roadside assistance companies
  • Stewards and Volunteers
  • Variable Message Signs
  • CCTV

With between 40,000 and 45,000 public vehicles accessing the rural site over a 48hr period the traffic management operation for the festival is certainly a significant undertaking. CTM are contracted to operate and manage all the festival car parks 24hrs a day for the duration of the festival. This requires a significant logistical operation involving a team of approximately 750 stewards and marshals; including their internal management structures, administration and control room staff. As well as being responsible for the parking arrangements around the site, the CTM team provide the festival with the following services:

  • Coach station staff – for the direction of buses and coaches to their drop and collect points
  • Road Closure staff – for the protection of residential areas and the public transport routes, as well as the exit strategy
  • Offsite camping staff – Glastonbury generates a number of offsite campsites, and to help integrate these into the overall plan we provide staff to assist their traffic
  • PATO staff – CSAS accredited staff on entrances off the roads to provide traffic control when the flows are too great for temporary traffic lights to operate effectively
  • Ticket sales staff – All vehicles at the Festival must have a car park pass to enter the site and these are available for sale at the entrance
  • Backstage staff – to direct backstage traffic to/from the interstage area in the middle of the festival