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Hillhead International

Hillhead is a major bi-annual International Quarrying Exhibition held in a quarry in Buxton Derbyshire.

CTM has worked with the organisers QMJ Publishing since 2005 to improve the traffic management measures implemented for the exhibition. Our team take responsibility for all vehicle access and movement onto the site and exhibition area during the build, show and breakdown period.

With a peak of 600+ vehicles arriving during the course of a day it is imperative that CTM’s team has a clear system of communication not only between team members but with the site management, site logistics and H&S officers.

With over 1400 articulated vehicles carrying loads of up to 120 tons arriving on the site during the 2 week build plus a large number of smaller vehicles the site traffic management team install holding lanes for all vehicles arriving at the site.  Personnel in the holding areas validate all deliveries and communicate with team members on the exhibition floor to ensure a route is available to the stand the vehicle needs to deliver too. We work closely with the site logistics to ensure unloading equipment (Cranes or Forks) are available prior to deliveries accessing the site and that unloading a vehicle is not going to prevent access to the exhibition floor for a large number of other deliveries.

To reduce site congestion, time limited passes were introduced for exhibitors using cars and small vans with essential equipment for their stand, additional parking areas established for holding non-essential vehicles and shuttle service for those exhibitors using these areas. These measures have significantly reduced the congestion on the site during peak build and breakdown periods.

CTM also manage the visitor traffic arriving at the exhibition ensuring there is a smooth uninterrupted flow of traffic into all car parks. We also provide minibuses and drivers to transport visitors between the registration and car parks and disabled visitors to the exhibition floor as well as front of house staff.