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Hop Farm Festival

CTM has worked with the Hop Farm from its inception in 2007 and have worked closely with the promoter and production company to deliver an effective traffic management system for the event, including consulting on the successful appeal of the festival license.

Over the past 5 years CTM has worked with the production company, local authorities, Police and highways to continuously improve the traffic management for the festival.

Key to the development of the Traffic Management Plan has been the reduction of the volume of pedestrians walking to and from the site to the local train station which is situated just 1.2 miles from the site. The impact of pedestrians was detrimental to both the inbound and outbound traffic flows and posed significant safety concerns.

The solution to the pedestrian conflict centred on two key elements. Ensuring that there were sufficient shuttle buses to provide a consistent service to and from the site during the key periods and that the shuttle service could move between the station and site with minimal delays whilst still maintaining the required flow of vehicles on and off the site during each phase.

The main access to the site and direct route from/to the train station is situated directly off a roundabout. Taking positive control of the roundabout using temporary traffic signals and CSAS (Community Safety Accreditation Scheme) personnel allowed CTM to regulate and prioritise the vehicle flow off each arm dependent on the demand and priority required at different points of the inbound and outbound phases.

Design of the shuttle bus terminal and pedestrian queuing system to was essential in insuring clear direction to the festival car parks, pick up drop off and shuttle bus queuing area for pedestrians leaving the site.  Large format signage to direct pedestrians from the arena exits to each area were installed along with fencing preventing pedestrians taking alternative routes ensuring pedestrians did not spill into unsafe areas.

The system CTM has put in place has led to a huge decrease in pedestrians crossing the highway and consequently significantly improved the speed of both the inbound & outbound vehicle movements from and to the festival car parks.