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London Marathon

CTM manages and operates the coach drop-off area and visitor parking area at Blackheath common – the start area for the London Marathon.

The majority of runners arrive on foot from local tube stations;  however approximately 300 coaches arrive at the start with competitors and their families. The coach drop-off area is run by CTM to maintain a steady flow of people and ensure that everyone leaves the coaches safely and gets to their respective start points or spectator locations as appropriate.  Some of the coaches then leave to head to the finish area, whilst others remain on site to collect family and friends who have watched the start.

As part of this operation, we install temporary roadway on the common to ensure that no coaches get stuck owing to inclement weather.  Coaches are parked on the trackway to unload and are then either parked up or allowed to leave, as required.  A small car park area is also operated by CTM for runners and visitors arriving by car.

Since it has been involved CTM has redesigned and improved the coach drop-off area, resulting in no queues of traffic on any of the surrounding roads for the past two years.