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The Sun Military Awards

The Sun Military Awards is a National Annual Televised awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of the UK’s armed forces.

The Ceremony used to take place at The Imperial War Museum, but since 2013 has been held at the London National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Also change over the last 4 years to Since 2010 and including the move to Greenwich in 2013.

To achieve such an efficient operation our team are involved through the pre-production meeting process and assist with the planning and scheduling, building strong open relationships with everyone involved.

Over the last four years the team have strived to achieve the aims of the event organiser to reduce the time taken to build/breakdown the event and return the Museum to its public access status.

CTM traffic management personnel are in place from the time the first piece of infrastructure is installed until the last piece is removed. Our team handle all aspects of the production traffic, through the daily schedule, splitting the event/museum traffic and linking in with the Police & security and Royal protection squad to ensure VVIP arrivals and departures are handled according to the agreed protocols.