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CTM is a nationally CSAS accredited company under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.  Under this scheme, our Police Accredited Traffic Officers (PATO) can be licensed by your local police force to actively direct and restrict traffic movements on the public highway as a part of your event’s traffic management measures.

The Benefits

This service enhances the first (and last) impressions of your event by smoothing the transition between the public highway and the venue, especially where the police no longer support this role, or where use of temporary traffic signals is not flexible or responsive enough to provide an effective solution.

In particular, use of PATO:

  • creates a great impression for those attending the event and those passing by
  • limits traffic congestion surrounding an event, benefiting both the attendees and the local community
  • allows co-ordination of highway traffic with on-site traffic – reducing delays into and out of the event
  • enables rapid response to traffic issues arising minimising their impact on both the event and local community
  • pro-actively controls traffic to make way for “blue light” emergency services

Use of PATO is a highly cost-effective alternative to the Police that is used by CSAS accredited companies.

See our PATOs in action

Our PATO Team

All PATOs undergo a training course delivered by the police and are vetted to national standards.  They also undergo additional internal training with CTM and our management team routinely carries out competency checks to ensure they maintain the high standards expected of them.

CTM has the benefit of a rapid response PATO motorcyle unit, providing immediate response to traffic issues arising – a real success at large events where traffic congestion is a constant threat and the risk of a traffic incident is increased as a result of increased traffic volume.