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Event Traffic Management

Many events require Traffic Management systems to be installed to ensure that key points on the highway are effectively managed to reduce the impact on the increased volumes of traffic related to your event.

Traffic Management is at the core of CTM’s portfolio of services and includes:

  • Signage
  • Temporary Traffic Signals
  • Lane Closures
  • Contraflows
  • Road Closures, including “rolling” Road Closures for parades, marathons, …
  • Diversion Routes
  • Provision of CSAS/PATO services

Our core traffic management services extend beyond the events world to include retail parks, utility & road works and building developments.

Transport Planning

Transport planning is an integral part of overall traffic management for an event and robust, integrated transport and traffic plans are critical to success.

Transport planning extends CTM’s portfolio of services to include:

  • the design, build and operation of transport hubs
  • coach/bus scheduling and parking
  • taxi rank provision
  • co-ordination of park/rail & ride services
  • liaison with public transport services to ensure adequate capacity (especially at peak times pre and post-event)

CTM has extensive experience of designing and delivering integrated transport and traffic plans, enabling us to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their traffic and transport requirements.

Design, Build, Operate and Restore

CTM can offer Design, Build and Operate (DBO) for temporary facilities (transport hubs, park/rail & ride,…), including restoring the site to its original condition, or it can operate existing facilities once these have been assessed to ensure they meet the requirements for the event in question.  CTM will liaise with all stakeholders and project manage the entire process, from sourcing infrastructure via its network of suppliers to site breakdown and restoration to its former condition.

Working with the community

CTM is always aware of the needs of the local community before, during and after an event, so we always take care to design and implement Traffic Management systems to minimise the impact to local residents, local businesses and those bypassing the event.  Typically, this will include maintaining the flow of traffic on key routes around the venue and implementing road closures to protect local parking.  Where necessary, in liaison with the event organisers, road closures can be manned, with local residents being issued with access permits.

Clear communication plans are always put in place for those likely to be affected, especially for unavoidable measures required for safety reasons (e.g. a road closure for a marathon route) that may have a significant impact.